Wake up call…

When you’re tired of being sick and tired… When tears continue to stain your pillow… When you feel like your best will never be good enough and you’re running out of options…
When you have to NOW do something you’ve NEVER done… And you still can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel…

Hold on… Change is coming!! God is moving and so should you!!! DONT be stagnant….. Faith without Work is dead!!! 

Don’t expect MAN to save you when GOD IS THE ONLY SAVIOR!!! 
Sometimes people will back away to let you grow… It’s not about hurting you or having hurt feelings or what you did or doing wrong it’s about #TOUGHLOVE and saving your life TODAY!!!…. 
EVERYONE has to be accountable for THIER actions… And every ACTION has REACTIONS… 

Ask God to help you, save you, shift and mold you… The truth hurts AND….if you don’t WANT better YOU won’t DO better!!!! Never give up doing right… Push yourself!!! And don’t stop!! 
You can’t change the past 

but can definitely take control of the NOW and have a BETTER FUTURE!!!! 



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