Behind the words… “I LOVE YOU”

When you say I LOVE YOU  or hear the words, where does it come from? What place inside of you makes it match your soul? Have you ever wondered how the words I LOVE YOU  get passed around and will have different meanings?

For example, A parent tells you daily that they love you and it makes you feel good, but when you do something or become someone they aren’t ready to understand or are closed off to, it becomes the I LOVE YOU but… Or when someone you care about says they love you and you respond that you love them too and you feel it is just something you always say.

Think about it for a minute… Do you realize how you feel or what you are going through when you tell someone you love them? Have you ever been told I LOVE YOU  and then been cut off, betrayed or looked down on?

I LOVE YOU  is an unconditional phrase… I LOVE YOU comes from a place inside of us that keeps us humble and aware of our own personal boundaries. I LOVE YOU should not have a price on it to where you are giving parts of yourself to someone who doesn’t deserve it or know what to do with it.

What about saying I love you and you are no longer connected with that person or situation… Do you still love them? God does not place these words on our lips to take for granted, so remember the next time you say I LOVE YOU, or when you hear it what comes from behind the meaning.


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