Domestic Violence

Strong people stand up for themselves…

Strong people stand up for others…

When you hear that, does it seem true? Being an Advocate and survivor of Domestic Violence you never know what goes on behind closed doors. Domestic Violence isn’t all about the violence, it’s about Control! Once you have no control, you have no voice and then you begin to lose your self-worth and self-esteem. I have heard so many people say,” Girl, you better leave them”, or “Girl I am surprised you put up with it!” But what are they really doing when they say those things? No one even thinks about men that are abused … Woman are not suppose to be violent but guess what…. Yes! That’s right men are abused as well.

Violence has become so numbing that other people can simply ignore and say that it isn’t their problem, down to, if the person was strong enough they would leave. I have even heard that the LGBT isn’t considered and issue because it’s same sex and that it can only be counted as assault. Well, I am telling you now that is a pure myth! No matter what the violence is and whether it be Man and woman or LGBT, even children and elderly… It is ABUSE! and it is still wrong!

We have to make sure that with dealing with the justice system, we have all the facts and that we are creating equal values on lives. The more we stand up for equality the more issues we can tackle together. We have to WAKE UP!! We have to speak out and against what is wrong in the world if we want change.

I will continue to speak for those without a voice or those who need resources to become safe and independent. It is important to let Victims know what their worth and value is even if they think that are not worthy to be respected and loved.

I stand up for Equality and I am part of the LGBT Community….



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