Speak up!!!!

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Why must we have a category to put ourselves in or label our identity? Why do we concern ourselves with others privacy or business? Why is that when we see violence, when we see an accident, when we are called to help; we are quick to pull out our cell phones to video and post instead of standing up for others? Why do we say we are mad about some things and not others? If you are mad about police brutality, about a drunk driver, about sexual assault amongst a human being….what does it matter what gender they are?

How can you limit help to whomever you want while someone else dies, gets bullied and is caused to feel so bad that they kill themselves!?

How can you want equality and justice but not for all?! Are we really becoming THAT kind of society? We all bleed RED, we fall down, we cry, we laugh, we love etc…. but what gives others the right to dictate who can live and who dies? What can YOU do to change how you feel about what you see, hear and are apart of? I have a personal desire and passion to help others… not just LGBTQ or LGBT, but all humans. I want to share what I learn and grow from spiritually with others.  I also know that everyone is entitled to their opinion and have a right to feel and react how they choose but why react in violence, or with hurtful words and tactics?

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We are all valuable and play a huge part in society and the world, so let’s make a positive change and help heal one another and stand strong with believing that we can LIVE TOGETHER as one. All you have to do is… SPEAK UP!





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