What do you convey?

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I want to start with the saying; The grass is greener on the other side….
Now some of you are thinking…. Yes and maybe no, right? Well my opinion, is this. The grass can be greener where you are if you water it, nurture it and give it the love that it needs to thrive. Why do you have to look at what someone else has? Why can’t your grass be green too?
Speak life and truth into your hearts dreams and desires within yourself and then you can speak over your relationships. How can you provide something to someone if you yourself don’t have it?
How can you love who you are and becoming if you are still getting to know yourself and what your boundaries are?

Image result for pictures of sadness
If you are in a relationship and you are drained everyday, you are numb and not happy, find out where it’s coming from. That’s when you need to replenish yourself…. take time out to heal from the inside out. That means to even go out to eat… BY YOURSELF, go for a drive… BY YOURSELF, go to the movies… BY YOURSELF, Pray, Meditate and find peace… BY YOURSELF and so on.
Get back to love, by loving and feeding your soul positive and valuable energy because if you don’t… there is no need in watering your grass because it will begin to whither and die. And there is no need in having wants and desires of self growth if you don’t apply self care.

So, is the grass greener on the other side? What have you decided?….

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