Eyes wide open

It was the last time that he said good bye, and she threw his belongings outside. She was stressed and tired and things were going bad at work so she took it out on him.

Being the man that he was and not wanted confrontation, he always just walked away while she threw things at the back of his head. But this was the last time that he said good bye.

He woke up to find all her things moved into the guest room and they were no longer speaking. She treated him like he didn’t even exist anymore and he was tired of it.

Between the hitting, yelling and screaming she would do, he just figured that he wasn’t doing all the things that a man should do in order for her to stop, and this was the last time he said good bye.

At dinner, he never came home; all the lying, screaming and hitting while being the man he was, she never appreciated his patience in hard times and his love when things were good. Instead, she found a note by the bed saying….

Good bye forever more!

Image result for pictures of abused men

#1 in 4 men have been victims of [some form of] physical violence by an intimate partner within their lifetime.



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