The wrong body

As a child she was never your ordinary girl. She never played with dolls and never liked to dress up. As she got older she began to realize that who she was becoming, no one would understand. Why didn’t she walk right? She didn’t dress right… and why did she feel like people were always staring at her?

With her hair cut short and her clothes so fly, and yes she loved to dress like a guy. In her (his) frame of mind and gestures HE knew exactly who he was and never doubted. He never had the support that he needed, and he felt like he was trapped in the wrong body for a very long time.

With transition taking place he was excited and ready to be whole; finally and once and for all, he would be completely free!

He still got looked at and he still got the questions of whether he was male or female, but he didn’t care anymore about what people thought. He was in an amazing part of his life and he was living his TRUTH. He started hearing the stories of FTM’s being killed and mistreated and some even committing suicide, but he refused to turn back.

He began to meet new people and find outlets. He began to speak out and confidence came natural as he began to talk to family and friends about his transition and plans for the future.

Everyone is different in their own way and we all have a right to be treated fairly. Bullying and abuse is NEVER okay and it is NOT  okay to judge. We all have a right to feel the way we feel, but please be aware hurting others can do harm to them whether it’s with your words or actions. No one should feel like they should harm themselves because how they are treated.

You don’t know what others go through to get where they are today and being kind to one another costs nothing.


#Think before you Act

#An Act of kindness goes a long way


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