Letting Go

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So many times we forget about what other people are feeling, we get so wrapped in our own mess until we cant see the hurt in their eyes when they clearly need our help. We never know what goes on behind closed doors and we never even bother to speak at times.

Suicide is truly not the answer, but for many; it’s easier to die than to live. We cannot determine which is easier for those that are quietly suffering, but we can help by giving a response to what we see and are aware of. Just the small things can make a difference …. by saying hello, how are you feeling etc.

If you know someone or anyone thinking or attempting suicide please reach out to them and give encouraging words. Let them know that they are loved and are valued with purpose in the world.

Somewhere someone wants to reach out but can’t…

Somewhere someone is crying silent tears….

Hurt, confusion, feeling lost and alone, being lonely, depression, unexpected events, abuse, drugs, and just getting tired of life can bring on so many issues for those thinking of suicide.

I cannot speak for everyone, but I know someone somewhere that can.


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