Stronger than Bullies…

My friends and I have always been a part of the NOH8 Campaign. It’s sad to say that you can find bullies everywhere, and sometimes being a victim of bullying can make anyone feel alone and not loved, but NOH8 shows that we are stronger than bullies and we can fight it with love….

From VICTIMS to VICTORS! We can make a stand…

Any type of Bullying or Abuse is NEVER okay!! Use your community to let your voice be heard, spread the word and be lead by kindness. YOU matter and can make a difference; against Depression, Abuse, Eating Disorders, Bullying and Human Trafficking. We are faced with so much in this world… where do we start?

Being a part of a caring community and having a strong support circle is a great feeling! Please support those that are lonely and feel alone. Help them to reach out and give them a voice…

We live in an opinionated world and everyone is not entitled to feel or see things the way you do, but losing lives daily is no way to justify your thoughts and opinions. It is just that…. an opinion. Someone has lost a life from being bullied, being abused, feeling down and depressed and it’s truly a painful thing when it is someone you love.

When someone is looked down on, beaten, threatened, and their life taken away… it’s not of love! Love doesn’t hurt! Being a Victim is not limited to who you are or where you are from… It can happen to anyone.

Be caring and kind to all… pray and love all… That’s my opinion!

Treat everyone with Respect!

Keep in mind that everyone is different.., not better or worse…. Just different!

Speak up for others!

Let’s continue to move forward!



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