El crecimiento de la mariposa…

Debe ser el cambio que quieres ver en el mundo…

Image result for pictures of butterflies

“I honor the flow within me as it is the River of God, the Holy Spirit within. I honor You, Holy Spirit.”

From being abused and having dealt with trauma in my life, I feel like the complete growth of the Butterfly. I have personal stories in my life to where I have liked Butterflies at a young age, but not until I had more growth in my life, was I able to identify with why?

Eternal life is intimately experiencing God, walking with Him in the garden in the cool of the day, fellowshipping with Him. That was the initial design (Gen. 3:8), and it has not changed! His hunger is for His sheep to hear His voice and to live by His Spirit’s guidance.

Through our day to day experiences we have opportunities to grow from the events in our life… Whether they are good or bad we hold them, process them in some way or another before releasing.

Think about when you were or have been Baptized. The old self is buried as it goes under the waters in baptism, and the new self comes alive as you come up out of the waters as a new person. Set your faith to believe for miracles of deliverance from sin and transformation.

Image result for pictures of butterflies

“La vida siempre lo llevará a través de desafíos pero debes ser fuerte y soportar todo lo que se enfrenta con.”


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