Family Whoas…

What does Family mean to you? Do you feel all family is close? By living in a world of adversity, we all know that all families are different, and some may have slight similarities. As for mine… well, I am what you would call the Black Sheep. Now of course, we all have one or two of them right?


I was brought up in a family where there are those you have a relationship with and those you will never have one with, regardless of being of the same DNA. When I was younger it use to bother me. If you were raised close together, and those that were raised apart are not treated the same… If you were raised separate then you feel like or were treated like an outcast. Some even tell you that they love you and no matter what you decide they are happy for you and then immediately comment with…, “But….”

I don’t need any of their approval for anything I decide…. and I am confident of that! They have played no major part in my life at all.

Image result for pictures of dna

I feel that just because you share the same DNA that doesn’t make you family. Throughout my lifetime, I have built strong relationships and we do not share the same DNA. They are, and have been my family… and have been for years. Family is not conditional; it is full of love and understanding, forgiveness and tradition. You share traditions and stories about where you came from and how you became who you are today. But…. some of us will never know that unless we research for ourselves, because of hidden truths in families that are not shared.
Family that talks about each other’s weakness instead of lifting one another, family that will hinder someone else by neglecting them, is just sad. Then, to have those that pretend to be peace makers  or agents of confusion can lead to resentment. Family…. there are strong, weak, dysfunctional, and diverse families. But what is Family to you?

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My family consists of those that have prayed for me and we pray together, checked on me and I check on them, lifted me in times of need and have been with me through life events and I have been there for them… out of the blue just say hello, and not brag about what they have done for me or a family member…. You should not have to force anyone to love or like you….EVER!!! and if you do….STOP IT RIGHT NOW!! Let them go!!!

You will have a stronger sense of peace over you once you realize what type of family you have and there is nothing wrong with that… Families are different and there is nothing you can do about it, but to live your life to the fullest without regrets and resentment.





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