You’re not alone….

The cries heard from inside are not in vain. And the pain felt from within are not shared with shame… No one knows your story but you and all the while they cant walk in your shoes.

Being afraid to move things around and tip toeing around the house, not to change things are walk to hard. Cleaning spot after spot making sure there is no argument to start. You watch what you say and filter your words like a silent film shown in black and white.

You speak when spoken to and stay in the house, never to lead on what is really happening. No one asks if you are okay and how have you been because you cannot tell anyone not even your friend. You have been isolated and living in a house of abuse but you still stay quiet thinking “what’s the use”….

You are not alone… It is hard but you will find a way out. You have an angel coming to your rescue so just hold on.

You are not alone!



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