Troubled tears…

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As I went through last week, I noticed a large amount of children dying… Not just from being killed on the street, but from Suicide! 

The youngest being an 8 year old boy and a 12 year old girl! Being bullied!!! How much pain can a young child go through to think of self harm! Why would someone take so much time to bring pain to another life! Not thinking of what may come of it, Not thinking about those children no longer able to fight because they are tired of being taunted!!!!  How long will we let bullying and abuse go on before we stand up!!??

Yes, we advocate, and yes we can talk to our children and make others aware but my mind just cannot wrap around the thought of a young child leaving this world because of hate! To commit suicide is just hard to swallow to me for an 8 and 12 year old.

I am sick and I am tired but you rest assure that I will stand up and take action for those that continue to be fearful, cannot speak out and who live not thinking that someone cares about what they are going through.


Image result for pictures of bullying victims



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