Inside my Mind

Cry, Person, Face, Abstract, Banner

Inside my mind… I’m screaming inside!

The stress I cannot take! The longer the test, I go through, it’s much wasted when I’m awake! Pull my hair out, yell and shout they say; to get through these troubled times…. But chaos takes me over these days… so I just scream inside my mind!

death, suffering

To sleep I go… I need the peace to cover my clouded thoughts. Until I get the courage inside to swallow the pills I bought. Okay, I know it’s selfish to commit self harm, so where else can I turn. They say it’s all a test and there’s a lesson to be learned. How much should we go through and how much faith is on the line…. when all I can ever think of, is screaming inside my mind!

You never know who’s going through so never judge the book, open the cover and go to each page and take a closer look.



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