The Lady I Never Knew

Image result for picture of homeless person

I passed by her one day and she never said a word…. So, I said “hello”. I asked her how she was today, and she replied, “thank you I am okay”. I stood there for a moment because she asked me to stay; I couldn’t stay long because I had to be going on my way. She never asked me for anything and when I offer she refused. She just wanted to talk a while so I stayed to chat a bit. She talked about her days before she said that she became homeless.

I wanted to give her resources and yet again she refused, I was even more curious now as to why…. so the longer we talked I found out; she was homeless so she could hide. She was in a terribly abusive relationship and one day almost died, so as she left the house one night she just left everything behind.

When we finished talking, my thoughts of homelessness will never be the same. She is the lady I never met and I never asked her name.




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