From the Outside within

How many times have you ever look back over your life, and realize that you missed out on opportunities that could have changed where you are today?

What were some of the opportune moments that shed light on a situation and made you aware of the direction you were heading? We think about how fast time flies, all the what if’s and could have’s, but then facing the “Brutiful” (Brutal/ Beautiful) facts that our lives have become complacent and something that we need work on.

There are days where we smile to get by, and no one knows what are going through; and yet we have days that we want to cry out for help. From the outside within, we are okay… we are exactly where we want to be and whom we should be. From the outside within, we maintain and we develop in ways that are pleasing to everyone.

From the outside within, only WE  know …. what we are feeling, hiding and working on.

Move forward in your Truth from the Inside Out! Never spend time wondering about where you are going in life. If you are living your life on purpose with purpose, your steps will be guided in ways you can only imagine.

And only then, will your inside match your outside.

From the outside within…


Image result for pictures of shadows of people



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