Encourage yourself

There was a time, when I was once very hard on myself to the point that I would even find ways of punishment. For example… If I ate too much the day before I would would limit alot of nutritional supplies to my body the next day or work out extra hard until the results were injuries. Or procrastinating on something I know must be  right away… I would in turn over pay a month to make sure that something was paid, and even make appointments for the next day.

I have learned lately within the last few years that feelings are never really right or wrong; they just are. I always felt that I was wrong for being different or doing and seeing things in a particular way. Life, people and environments are different and I can truly say that I EMBRACE, EMPOWER and ENCOURAGE MYSELF daily….. and it FEELS great!!

I cannot express enough how important SELF-CARE is and how you see yourself and things around you can hinder your day to day life. Learning to forgive yourself first and to move past your barriers is not easy but can be done.

As I even share this little bit with you today, my insides are overflowing with Joy and love. I feel blissful and want to scream outloud to world because the TRANSFORMATION I have gone through.

So, I will end with say this…..

NEVER let anyone distract you from your calling in life.

NEVER forget to cover yourself; meaning to pray, self talk, encourage, embrace and empower.

ALWAYS treat YOURSELF and others with genuine love and respect.

LIVE your life with Purpose on Purpose…. Take nothing for granted and try seeing things as neither bad or good but as a life lesson.

I truly hope I inspired someone today.



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