I can’t forget

Image result for man standing in a doorway Sudden memories and my cries inside, wishing it was all a dream. I try to forget what brought me there and the blame I placed on myself. Just a child, now adult; still mindset on the past, how can I get rid of the memories that seem to last. There are days where I can suppress the feelings of dismay and even times feel like defeat… I just can’t forget!

Image result for girl crying They say talk about it and it will help but I am carrying the same weight…. The triggers from that day my mind just can’t erase! I can remember the day, the time and place where he violated me…. The nerve of him to take away my youth and privacy. I couldn’t tell a soul that day… So I kept it to myself. I hid away those memories until there was nothing left.

Sick bastard! You have got some nerve! You’ve probably taken more, of other children’s innocence; luckily not next door.

In my dreams, I have the visions of being taken away… I just can’t forget no matter the years gone by…. How you destroyed a piece of me!

Image result for man standing in a doorway




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