Energy YOU create

You always impact those around you. Even if people turn from you, you have impact.

While some tend to lift people toward positive energy there are some that tend to drag people toward dark. Others will show no interest in your dreams or desires and there will be some that will be glad to support you through every twist and turn.

You decide on YOUR energy and how much you put it into something or someone. You create your own energy and allow yourself to feed off the negative or the positive. It makes a great difference when you can place your thoughts, words and actions over something and watch it manifest into something wonderful; or you can just let it fade.

Remember, the choice IS yours. Never wait for ANYONE or ANY situation to validate who you are and what you’re worth.

Stand tall and rise in your energy, be proud of the person you have fought so hard to become…. Be Empowered, Inspired and Enlightened!!!!



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