A life on the line….


Domestic Violence must be spoken up for.




She never knew it would be like this… the reaction of her fate, yet she remains ever so confidant that things will soon change. She came to talk to me for a while to give me a brief break down of what she was going through and all the while she was talking, I thought to myself, ” I can relate to you”. Moments of terror from day to day…. not knowing what mood their in, hiding her face and body from the bruises that came from him.

Verbally, physically, emotionally it hurt and also her mentality and spiritual worth disbursed. I cried while she began to explain how bad she felt to stay… I let her know that her feelings were just that and it may never go away.

Abuse comes in many forms and some we just dont know…. but HERstory is to be shared to help other women grow.

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You just never know by looking at someone what they’re going through… so be careful how you speak and react because it could some day be you. What would you do if the tables turned, who would you talk to? You feel in heart that trust is gone and you cant trust anyone…..

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I will say this….. Dont look down on others because you dont know where they’ve been…. we all have a story of testimonies and we all have sinned, just take the time to know someone and use better judgement so you can have a positive and healthy life. When people tell you things, its not for you to gossip and spread things you are unsure of…. you are told because you are meant to change something or learn from it.

Herstory could be your story….


Soy mas que una hija, una hermana, una madre, una abuela, y una esposa; primero soy un hijo de Dios. I dont claim to be Holy or Religious but I do know right from wrong and I do believe in a higher power. I believe in the Trinity; The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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Are problems should be temporary, not permanent…. Why do we have to have hatred, anger, molestation, abductions, abuse, greed, poverty, pride, sorrow and more that cover our minds and hearts?

When are we…. when will we come together to become a great and better nation? Can it happen? Will it happen? How hopeful are we at this point? I judge no one because I have no heaven or hell to put anyone in, I dont judge because my hands are not clean and my thoughts are not always pure, but I refuse to never speak up for what is right.

Again, I dont claim any religion but I know right from wrong and if WE dont start to RISE as a NATION and make things better I feel that we will lose a lot in this world. We should not be of the world but in the world, for we will not stay in this world when we die. We should live our lives in Love, Peace and Harmony.

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Our children deserve to be safe from harm and suffering. They need to be shown a better world. It saddens me to the pit of my heart that there are people that can hurt others and turn around and smile in someones face, go to work all day, acting like nothing has happened or no one is affected.

Being an advocate for Domestic Violence, Eating Disorders, Suicidal Ideation and Crimes against children I thought I would be making a change by speaking out but there is so much more work to be done and I need to keep educating myself so that I can keep educating others. I will continue to fight for those with out a voice and I will do my part no matter how small it may seem.

Image result for pictures of the crown of gloryThere is enough room for us all here in this world to make a change. To stand up for what is right. I am more than I ever knew I would become… I fought hard to be stronger, wiser, and with more faith in my heart, I speak life over death daily.


From Grief to Joy

There is no pain that Jesus can heal… but let’s just start from the human part of us to where we finally realize that the battle is not ours… it’s the Lords.

Being human, we go through so many trials and traumatic experiences that it sidetracks us from doing and becoming who we need to be and should be. It keeps us from holding our head up high. We have days when we would rather stay in bed with the curtains drawn closed and not answering the phone.

Then out of the blue we get strength… we get courage… we feel like there is hope, we feel like we can try just one more day, just one more time before we fall back down. In that moment we dont know that we are in the comfort of the Lords arms, but we just get up and fight depression, we fight anxiety, we fight the negative mind-set of others and walk in a new light.

From our grief to joy, we are here. From grief to joy, we are healed.

From our grief we have learned that what hasnt killed us has made us stronger because we have defeated the last giants. And from the joy we have felt , we know that we can and have been happy and we can be happy again.

We can make it through…. we have made it through. No matter what the world has placed on our shoulders it is up to us to share love, comfort, and compassion so that the hearts of others will change. Whatever grief or hatred they have been exposed to or taught, I feel it can change; we need change.

Let’s be the change we seek… From grief to joy.

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Lesson Learned

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I am so grateful for my accountability partners, my strong spiritual circle and for my Family…. I have been surrounded by so much love and also have grown from counsel and advice.

Thankful doesn’t begin to speak what my heart is pouring out.

I have learned to surround myself with like-minded people as well as those that can lift my spirits and allow me to be their accountability partner and lift them. They have become my family; not because of what they have given me, but for the unconditional love.

Energy YOU create

You always impact those around you. Even if people turn from you, you have impact.

While some tend to lift people toward positive energy there are some that tend to drag people toward dark. Others will show no interest in your dreams or desires and there will be some that will be glad to support you through every twist and turn.

You decide on YOUR energy and how much you put it into something or someone. You create your own energy and allow yourself to feed off the negative or the positive. It makes a great difference when you can place your thoughts, words and actions over something and watch it manifest into something wonderful; or you can just let it fade.

Remember, the choice IS yours. Never wait for ANYONE or ANY situation to validate who you are and what you’re worth.

Stand tall and rise in your energy, be proud of the person you have fought so hard to become…. Be Empowered, Inspired and Enlightened!!!!


I can’t forget

Image result for man standing in a doorway Sudden memories and my cries inside, wishing it was all a dream. I try to forget what brought me there and the blame I placed on myself. Just a child, now adult; still mindset on the past, how can I get rid of the memories that seem to last. There are days where I can suppress the feelings of dismay and even times feel like defeat… I just can’t forget!

Image result for girl crying They say talk about it and it will help but I am carrying the same weight…. The triggers from that day my mind just can’t erase! I can remember the day, the time and place where he violated me…. The nerve of him to take away my youth and privacy. I couldn’t tell a soul that day… So I kept it to myself. I hid away those memories until there was nothing left.

Sick bastard! You have got some nerve! You’ve probably taken more, of other children’s innocence; luckily not next door.

In my dreams, I have the visions of being taken away… I just can’t forget no matter the years gone by…. How you destroyed a piece of me!

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