A life on the line….


Domestic Violence must be spoken up for.




She never knew it would be like this… the reaction of her fate, yet she remains ever so confidant that things will soon change. She came to talk to me for a while to give me a brief break down of what she was going through and all the while she was talking, I thought to myself, ” I can relate to you”. Moments of terror from day to day…. not knowing what mood their in, hiding her face and body from the bruises that came from him.

Verbally, physically, emotionally it hurt and also her mentality and spiritual worth disbursed. I cried while she began to explain how bad she felt to stay… I let her know that her feelings were just that and it may never go away.

Abuse comes in many forms and some we just dont know…. but HERstory is to be shared to help other women grow.

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You just never know by looking at someone what they’re going through… so be careful how you speak and react because it could some day be you. What would you do if the tables turned, who would you talk to? You feel in heart that trust is gone and you cant trust anyone…..

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I will say this….. Dont look down on others because you dont know where they’ve been…. we all have a story of testimonies and we all have sinned, just take the time to know someone and use better judgement so you can have a positive and healthy life. When people tell you things, its not for you to gossip and spread things you are unsure of…. you are told because you are meant to change something or learn from it.

Herstory could be your story….

Silence in our children

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So within the time that I make this blog and post…. Children are being taken, abused and harmed in one way or another. Not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well.

Bullying is so natural to talk about now and I just cant understand why we let it happen. What are we doing to speak up for those who cant? What is mission to help others?

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We not only need to protect our children but protect ourselves by not letting negativity and anger be a primary source of connection with our youth. I am just speachless with the fact that middle age to even elementary children are commiting suicide, and worried about how they look.

Can you imagine the impact on a child to keep a secret that hurts them, only because they dont want to hurt their parents, feeling like there is something wrong with them and even scared to speak to anyone because of the confusion and feelings of being raped, molested, or bullied?

Its alot to think about but what would you do for your own?

How can we help?

When is Violence and abuse going to end?


I am Free

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Her skin was once as soft as the petals on a rose. Now, fading fast.

Abused verbally with unspoken words… Her strength couldn’t last.

The sounds she hears is just like lightening coming from the skies.

She covers her face from the tears that she cries.

Her smile was once like a beautiful glow. It’s now a frown with a smile that no one knows.

Her lips shake when she speaks of uncertainty, suprisingly that SHE use to me….

My mind was a ball of confusion that raced every time they came around.

I am now free from Abuse…

My life has turned to the Crown.

God removed them from my life, he heard my daily plee, which now can no longer take control of me.

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The Lady I Never Knew

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I passed by her one day and she never said a word…. So, I said “hello”. I asked her how she was today, and she replied, “thank you I am okay”. I stood there for a moment because she asked me to stay; I couldn’t stay long because I had to be going on my way. She never asked me for anything and when I offer she refused. She just wanted to talk a while so I stayed to chat a bit. She talked about her days before she said that she became homeless.

I wanted to give her resources and yet again she refused, I was even more curious now as to why…. so the longer we talked I found out; she was homeless so she could hide. She was in a terribly abusive relationship and one day almost died, so as she left the house one night she just left everything behind.

When we finished talking, my thoughts of homelessness will never be the same. She is the lady I never met and I never asked her name.



You’re not alone….

The cries heard from inside are not in vain. And the pain felt from within are not shared with shame… No one knows your story but you and all the while they cant walk in your shoes.

Being afraid to move things around and tip toeing around the house, not to change things are walk to hard. Cleaning spot after spot making sure there is no argument to start. You watch what you say and filter your words like a silent film shown in black and white.

You speak when spoken to and stay in the house, never to lead on what is really happening. No one asks if you are okay and how have you been because you cannot tell anyone not even your friend. You have been isolated and living in a house of abuse but you still stay quiet thinking “what’s the use”….

You are not alone… It is hard but you will find a way out. You have an angel coming to your rescue so just hold on.

You are not alone!