Melted Heart of Confusion

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Tired is why she’s sitting… feeling alone and unappreciated.

The days run all together and some days she doesn’t know or remember.

She cries, she laughs and she hides inside so no one will know why she’s sad.

Gazing off into the sky, her thoughts are a mile high.

So much on her mind.

Yet, she is tired, that’s why she’s sitting and feeling all alone.

One day she will stand, rise, feeling tall and smiling on her own.

I never knew….

I never knew about the world in such a way… how some people can be so mean and evil. How could I have been so naive to my surroundings? Missing children from infant and up, all the violence, and homelessness. My heart cries out, and I feel so much…. Why am I so sensitive to the world and what is taking place?

How can I; No, how can WE make a better change !

Will the world get better? We need to focus more on being more loving than hurting one another. Let’s love and bring more peace, because if WE don’t care….

WHO else will?

I just never knew…

Missing their smiles

Not a day goes by when I am not missing their sweet smiles, their tiny voices and their hands reaching for mine. They are growing up way too fast in this cruel cruel world, but I will instill in them all the love I have.

I feel so blessed not because of the love of my family. but because I am loved in return unconditionally. I thank God daily for everyone he has placed in my life and I truly thank him for restoring all that is good back into my surroundings.

I am missing their smiles, their smell and all the talking and laughter that they do when I am around, but I know it will never change and that makes me so proud.

Missing my family…

Loving them so…

The love of family is greater than they’ll ever know.

Thank you my Love

My Dearest Love,

How I want to thank you for your support during times when I am so busy helping others, for the days you prayed for me and over me as I cried from being stressed out and overwhelmed.

How I want to love you for all the days you gave more of yourself than I would ever allow because I was running low on energy. You have been more to me than my dearest love and oh how I adore thee.

You are an amazing hubby with the biggest heart, even though you ; okay well we get on each others nerves… we can never be apart.

My best friend, my love, and my hubby for life ….

I love the way you love me and I am a happy Wife!